The Allies of Fortune

The Allies of Fortune are a group of lively vigilantes with a variety of unusual powers. Their mission is to create a world where everyone and anyone can be a hero. However, the definition of a hero isn’t shared among all members equally. While some members work for the greater good of humanity, others prefer personal gain and power. In time, the dark nature of their campaign will be brought to fruition and the true leader of the Allies will rise above all others.

Glare is one of the three leaders of the Allies. He is an arrogant, flamboyant, and intimidating scarecrow-like figure with a snarky attitude. Glare possesses the ability to transform his eyes into the eyes of any being or creature, giving him the attributes and powers of that creature as well.

Playdate is the strongest member of the Allies of Fortune. Though small in figure, her lack of physical presence is made up for in her combination of raw power and commanding nature. Accompanying her super-strength, Playdate has the ability to detonate her body in a small, fiery explosion, then instantly regenerating back to normal.

Helix is a mysterious member of the Allies of Fortune. She is quiet, observant, and rarely speaks- letting her actions speak for her. Helix possesses one of the most versatile powers in the team, with the ability to transform objects into spirals, both organic and inorganic.

The Allies of Fortune are a part of a much larger storyline than what I have developed so far, however I feel their individual stories are very strong as a singular narrative. One of the most exciting experiences for me has been developing their designs and abilities.

Playdate was the first Ally I official began working on, and was definitely the most difficult Ally to design from the bottom up. A character’s face is one of the most important elements in design to me, and once I have nailed down the “right” expression, the rest of the design is usually a cakewalk. However with Playdate, I was working with trying to find that right face and design that just needed to work.

Inspiration was pulled primarily from China dolls, however when designing how she would maneuver and behave, I pulled multiple references from the Powerpuff Girls and Dragonball.

Eventually I had several end designs that I absolutely loved, so I decided to combine all of their elements together, resulting in the finished Playdate design.

I knew exactly what I wanted in Glare very early on, especially in the face. The problem was designing him to appear different than the other Allies I had lined up at the time. I wanted him to be “bulky," however I was turned off from designing him to be the "muscle” of the group. I also wanted him to be flimsy and rubberhose-like in his characteristic performance. I opted to give him an incredibly large coat to imitate muscle, in which you can still see his noodle-y arms sticking through the jacket sleeves. I borrowed a lot of reference for his expression in the Joker. For his overall design inspiration I found reference in Sabertooth from the X-Men and Cruella Deville.

Helix was fairly straight-forward to design. I spent very little time on her face and hair, which I found the most important in creating her overall “look.” Originally, I designed her with a metal arm that would work in unison with her ability to create spirals. I decided against this design primarily because I felt it prompted too many questions as to why exactly her arm is metal and if she is human or not. I felt designing her to appear 100% human at first glance was ideal and that her actions and social skills would question her humanity instead. In the end, I decided to give her a dress to balance out the weight from her hair. The dress is aligned with three spiral designs which mimic her powers.